IRAS COTIS: Dialogue en route

Project evaluation

On behalf of the "Interreligious Working Group in Switzerland IRAS COTIS", AGER evaluates the project "Dialogue en Route". The principle of formative evaluation is applied, which integrates the insights gained from the evaluation into the further course of the project. Data collection is both quantitative and qualitative.

"Dialogue en Route" invites people to get to know Switzerland's religious and cultural diversity. Significant religious sites and routes from history and the present are presented on an interactive map. On the road and on site, there are offers for encounters, dialogue and learning experiences. Digital tools offer additional possibilities to orientate oneself within the network of paths in a religiously and ideologically plural Switzerland. Young people play a particularly active role both as a target group and as mediators.

The goal of promoting an open attitude towards those of different religions and strengthening the inter-religious competence of young people is linked to the aim of contributing to peaceful coexistence in the long term and promoting religious and cultural diversity.


Clients and initiators of the "Dialogue en Route" project: IRAS-COTIS 


The cooperation with IRAS COTIS is to be expanded in the future and, in addition to formative evaluation, will include, for example, an online tool for recording types of religiosity.